This Is What Caused A Pokémon Go Stampede

It is no secret that Pokémon Go has become an incredibly popular game since its recent inception. However, what may come as a surprise to some people is just how far people will go to do well in this game. In fact, it has recently caused a stampede!

Punishment for Pokémon Go Cheaters

It probably comes as no surprise that Pokémon Go has become extremely popular. However, people who are cheating are actually being banned from playing the game, not just temporarily, but permanently. That means if you were playing, you need to make sure that you are able to play fair, or else you will not be able to play anymore. That means a lifetime ban.

Discover the Surprising Origins of Friday the 13th

Most people know that Friday the 13th is considered naturally unlucky. But where did this belief come from? It’s actually the result of a fascinating combination of multiple myths and beliefs throughout the ages.

16 Vehicles That Scream “Steal Me!”

When you think about cars that someone would consider stealing, in most cases corvettes, Lamborghinis, and Beamers come to mind. The reality of what a car thief looks for is much different. Here is a surprising list of 17 vehicles that literally scream, “steal me!”

10 Viral Photos You Got Duped Into Thinking Were Real

Before you start sharing a story and perpetuating a dumb-dumb being duped into another hoax, check out these pictures to make sure you’re not falling for another stupid story, you’re better than that. Some of these images are like this cell-phone… they just won’t go away.

Why You Should Never Squish A Spider Ever Again…

When this guy smashed this spider with a broom, he didn’t realise that it is, in fact, a female, and very pregnant, Wolf Spider. When the force of the broom head pushed the spider’s abdomen down, it effectively made her give birth to hundreds of little Wolf Spider babies all over their floor.

10 Neatly Organized Objects That Will Ease Your OCD

Any perfectionist knows what it’s like to see something that’s off and needs to be fixed. People in the world get immense pleasure when they see things organized neatly and help to stave off the chaos of the rest of the world. These oddly satisfying pictures will help suppress your OCD.

Ancient Drinking Games We Should Be Playing

These age-old drinking games date back all the way to Ancient Greece, come from all over the world, and will definitely get you drunk! If you’re looking for a new frat game, look no further, all of these games are fun and exciting and will probably leave you with a bear paw… you’ll know what that means when you read on.

Spice Girls To Team Up With Backstreet Boys In 2016

Now, don’t get too excited, but rumors are circulating that two of the 90s biggest singing groups, The Backstreet Boys and The Spice Girls just might be teaming up for a U.S. tour in America. Some sources are saying that it’s a sure thing while others are saying that the members are still in talks, but regardless, the rumors are making big headlines and perhaps, that is all part of their plan.

17 of the Most Creative Halloween Costumes Ever

Halloween can be one of the most fun times of the year, but not if you are stressed about a good costume! Check out these amazing, terrifying, and hilarious costumes that will inspire you before the big day!

15 Celebs You Had No Idea Were Teen Parents

When you think of teen parents, you instant think of the promiscuous teenagers from MTV’s Teen Mom. But what you probably didn’t know was that there are plenty of big name celebs who had children when they were only kids.

15 Celebrities Who Are Jerks In Real Life

Celebrities like it make it seem like they’re the nicest people on earth. But just like every other human being, some of them are actually complete jerks in real life. That means they can be fake, shallow, and flat out rude to your face.