You Won’t Believe Why These People Are Screaming

Source: The Daily Mail

Imagine yourself out on Halloween, a night already more terrifying than any other. You’re walking around, perhaps in costume on your way to meet friends, when you feel something creeping up behind you. A humming noise begins to fill your ears. You whip around and see a flying skeleton hovering over you! Undoubtedly, many people would be scared out of their mind. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that people are going nuts over two northern Wisconsin men’s idea to make this human terror a reality.

On the week of Halloween, Zac Crueger and his uncle had a great time scaring their neighbors by attaching a fake skeleton to their drone, creating a flying nightmare that they could use to swoop in on unsuspecting people. Not only did they successfully scare the wits out of their neighbors, but Crueger and his uncle also managed to go viral for their prank.

A few days ago, Zac Crueger uploaded pictures of the prank to Twitter and admitted to The Huffington Post that his uncle was the one who came up with the ingenious idea and carried it out. Crueger described his uncle as a creative and an “outside of the box” kind of guy. While Crueger wasn’t surprised that his uncle came up with such a good prank, he was surprised that the gag managed to go viral.

So far, Crueger’s tweet with the photos of the prank has been viewed more than 9 million times, according to the screenshot Crueger posted of his Twitter analytics. Right now, there is not a video of the gag, but Crueger noted that a video would be available soon.

While the photos are certainly hilarious, some of the reactions of people on social media are even more hilarious. The gag has been the subject of many Harry Potter memes due to the ghost’s resemblance to the Dementors from the Harry Potter series.