Why You Should Never Squish A Spider Ever Again…

Wolf Spider
Source: Shutterstock / Cornel Constantin

If you’re arachnophobic, we suggest you close this tab right now before it’s too late. If the curiosity is too much, at least make sure to have some bleach for your eyeballs nearby: you’ll need it. After all, how many spiders have you or a loved one squished in an attempt to keep your homes safe?! After seeing this video, the next spider you see will make you either tape the door to the room shut or torch the whole house instead.

This is your common Wolf Spider, and while they’re not extremely poisonous, they aren’t exactly pleasant to look at. Their long legs make them agile hunters, and with excellent eyesight they are the stuff of nightmares. The Wolf Spider is a solitary animal, meaning if you see one it is likely to be the only one there (thank all that is holy!).

This family had the luck (or lack of it) to find a Wolf Spider on their tiles and just like any other normal human being they tried to kill it to make sure that it wouldn’t try to kill them in their sleep. Unfortunately for them, a bit of a surprise was in store for them.

Spider and Babies
Source: Youtube

Now, an equally interesting and horrifying fact about the Wolf Spider that many don’t know is that unlike other spiders that lay their eggs in one spot for them to hatch, the Wolf Spider females actually carry the egg sacs with them on their abdomens. The Wolf Spider females keep their abdomens raised so that the sac underneath doesn’t drag on the ground. The Wolf Spider babies after hatching then crawl onto the mother’s abdomen for safety until they can feed.

When this guy smashed this spider with a broom, he didn’t realise that it is, in fact, a female, and very pregnant, Wolf Spider. When the force of the broom head pushed the spider’s abdomen down, it effectively made her give birth to hundreds of little Wolf Spider babies all over their floor. And although he says they’re dead, you know there are at least five or six other babies that scurried into corners and will live out their lives waiting in the dark until they are big enough to exact their revenge on their mother’s murderer.

The next time you want to kill a spider in your house, think of this family and all that they must have lost in the fire they set after killing a pregnant Wolf Spider. It’s way better to catch it with a Tupperware and paper and release it into the wild where it can have its babies in a place that is not the inside of your house, on your pillow or even inside your car. Yes, we went there, and if we can then so can terrifying pregnant Wolf Spiders. Good luck sleeping tonight!