Watch This Girl’s Reaction When A Famous Baseball Star Touches Her

OMG Ichiro Suzuki Touched Me
Source: YouTube

Imagine you’re at a baseball game and your favorite team, the Miami Marlins is playing. The opposing team hits the ball into your lap and Ichiro Suzuki comes running up to you, grabs the ball from between your legs and runs off.

This girl had this happen to her and she went crazy. For the next 20 seconds the cameras stay on her while she does what every fangirl does, freaks out.

Ichiro Suzuki and Ball
Source: YouTube

He grabs the ball and wipes it off on his pants.

Ichiro Suzuki and Fan
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She starts to realize what just happened.

Ichiro Suzuki and Fan 2
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OMG Ichiro Suzuki just touched me!

Ichiro Suzuki and Fan 3
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Did you see him touch me?

Ichiro Suzuki and Fan 4
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OMG! He touched me!