10 Viral Photos You Got Duped Into Thinking Were Real

Viral Images
Source: YouTube

We’ve all been duped by a very well photoshopped image or by a very convincing story behind a picture, but most of the time, the stories are lies and the images are fake.

So before you start sharing a story and perpetuating a dumb-dumb being duped into another hoax, check out these pictures to make sure you’re not falling for another stupid story, you’re better than that. Some of these images are like this cell-phone… they just won’t go away.

1. Whale In Venice

Whale in Venice
Source: Twitter / Sunday Fundayz

Robert Jahns is a master photo-manipulator.

No, there was never a whale swimming through the canals of Venice.

Robert Jahns, started the hoax on his Instagram account who has made several surreal photo-manipulated images like urban roller coasters, and another viral image showing Venice freezing over.

2. Tree Growing Through An Abandoned Piano

Tree In Piano
Source: Twitter / Abandoned Pics

This photo was staged by a man who “talks” to trees.

No, a tree didn’t grow and burst out of an abandoned piano. The piano was placed there by an artist named Jeff.

In the video he starts talking about how he was trying to find the perfect spot for the piano and “talking” to trees.

“I was gonna do different stuff with the piano. And then I was going around and I started talking to some trees, and basically found that one tree that would fit perfectly — that wanted the piano. So as soon as that tree kinda gave me permission to do that I kinda went ahead and did it.”

3. Supermoon On Dubai Skyscraper

Fake Viral Photos - Supermoon Dubai
Source: Twitter / Astronomy HD

A simple case of taking something beautiful and transforming the photo into something incredible.

The original photo was taken by Mo Aoun in Dubai of the Burj Al Arab, but the moon wasn’t as large and perfectly placed on top of the helipad. The photo was altered making the moon bigger and moved to the right.

4. Sand Struck By Lightning

Viral Photos Fake Lightning
Source: Flickr / Matt

What happens when wet sand gets hit by lightning? Not this.

This photo doesn’t show you what happens when sand gets hits by lightning. This photo is a photograph of an art project in Puerto Rico. The whole art installation can be seen here.

5. Six Flags Arlington Park Underwater

Viral Photos Six Flags
Source: Twitter / McCartyConner

Close but no cigar.

The photo is not from Six Flags in Arlington; it is a picture of a theme park in Atlanta that was flooded in 2009. The photo may float its way back into viral images again the next flash flood.

6. Stop Being Poor

Fake Viral Photos - Paris Hilton
Source: Imgur


Paris Hilton might seem like a stuck up, selfish, rude person, but she’s not that bad. The photo was taken back in 2005. And the original text on her t-shirt said “STOP BEING DESPERATE” not “STOP BEING POOR.”

7. Hillary Clinton Taking Photo With “I’M WITH STUPID” T-shirt.

Fake Viral Photos - Hillary I'm With Stupid
Source: Facebook / Nation In Distress


When a picture has become that pixelated you know, it’s been passed around a few too many times. The original photo was taken during a parade with her supporters all around her.

8. Donald Trump Duping Republicans

Viral Photos Donald Trump
Source: Twitter / Andrew Haag

It sounds like something he’d say.

Donald Trump has never openly said that Republicans are the dumbest group of voters in the country. In fact, Trump told CNN said he was a registered Republican back in 1999.

People magazine has never quoted Donald Trump saying any of this either.

9. Selfie Outside An Airplane

Fake Viral Photos - Airplane Selfie
Source: Imgur

Those clouds seem very familiar…

Taking a selfie on a plane doesn’t look like anything big. But if you’re the pilot and your taking a selfie on a selfie stick outside the plane, that would be something!

Unfortunately, if you did that it would depressurize the cabin and you’d probably be barely able to breathe. But those clouds look exactly like the clouds from a DeviantArt account.

10. Fetal Footprint

Baby Footprint
Source: WTF Pinterest

This photo has been circling the internet since 2004. Nearly every OGBYN doctor has said this is physically impossible. The abdominal wall is too muscular to allow a footprint to be seen with this much clarity. If this were real, the foot is disproportionately large

The abdominal wall is too muscular to allow a footprint to be seen with this much clarity. If this were real, the foot is disproportionately large for for a fetus and if her muscles were so thin that they would allow this imprint the mother would need to be hospitalized.