Trump and Putin Can’t Wait To Get Into Bed With Each Other…Politically

Trump and Puttin are dying to get in bed with each other...politically
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When Donald Trump shocked the world by becoming the 45th U.S. President, Russia’s Vladimir Putin was downright giddy. That’s because both of these swaggering narcissists need each other in ways that the cross-continent super powers haven’t since World War II.

Peace: The Russians found out all-too-well about the toll a ground war in Afghanistan can take on a country and the region. America followed suit with its second version of the Vietnam War after 9/11, and things have only gotten worse. Now, both countries are forced to clean up their rapidly escalating messes need to eradicate ISIS and thwart the spread of terrorism.

Unfortunately, some mixed-message Obama policies have led to an enormous falling out in the Middle East with Russia. Now, Putin needs Trump and the U.S. back at the table to finish off ISIS. Trump, in turn, also needs to restore normal relations with now pro-Moscow Syria. Together, they can end ISIS and clean up this mess.

Economy: The U.S. has been trending backward regarding positive trade. If Trump is to make good on his vow to scrap the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership and rework deals with China to establish his “America First” mantra, he will do well to open new trading lanes. By lifting the 2014 sanctions against Russia, and Putin’s inner circle, Trump brings home a somewhat lost trade partner. Although Russia hasn’t been a major trade partner to date, it has plenty of untapped potentials to contribute. Putin needs Trump because the Russian economy is faltering. The good news for Trump is that Russian millennials love American brand names. But at the end of the day, they need the money.  

Ego: Who can forget that epic photo of Putin giving Obama the stare-down. These guys don’t seem to like each other, which may be one reason fingers were pointed at Putin about meddling in the election.  Few things would put a bigger spite-smile on the 5-foot, 7-inch, Napolean-complexed Russian than standing tall with Trump in partnership while Obama’s legacy gets white washed.

Perhaps no one on the planet has an ego larger than Trump. From his supermodel First Lady, to skyscrapers with his name emboldened on them, to fondling beauty queens, it’s all about The Donald. Brokering an unprecedented trans-oceanic partnership with Putin makes him the ultimate master of The Art of the Deal. They say, only Nixon could go to China. But perhaps only Trump can get in bed with Putin.