This Couple Was Taking Their Wedding Photos But Then This Celebrity Did Something Incredible…

Source: Hello Magazine

Recently, a newly married couple had their photo shoot in Central Park of New York. Undoubtedly, this couple’s wedding day turned out to be a day they will never forget, but not for the reasons they initially expected.

During the couple’s photo shoot, Tom Hanks, who is most notable for starring in Forrest Gump, The Green Mile, and Saving Private Ryan, had been taking his midday jog near Central Park. He spotted the couple taking their wedding portraits, and he spontaneously decided to join the pair. Undoubtedly, the wedding photographer must have had a field day taking wedding photos that feature a celebrity cameo.

Meg Miller, the photographer, has had some minor experiences with celebrity cameos. However, when Tom Hanks walked into Miller’s frame as she was shooting bride Elizabeth and groom Ryan, Miller was taken aback. At first, she even put down her camera to let the “stranger” pass the couple. However, instead of getting out of the shot, he introduced himself as Tom Hanks to the couple.

As you would expect, Miller managed to get some gorgeous photos of the couple and the exchange they had with Tom Hanks. Not only did Tom Hanks pose for photographs with the couples, but he also posted a few of the shots on Instagram and Twitter along with warm congratulations to the married couple.

While this day was already special enough for the bride and groom, Tom Hank made the day even more special for the couple out of the kindness of his heart.