15 Of The Wildest, Weirdest, Walmart People Ever

14. They See Us Rollin’

Source: Reddit

It’s hard to decipher how long the decision took to grab a pack of Pepsi with a bags of Lays.

The summertime heat can be so unforgiving; causing us to sweat, drink more water, and sometimes even soil our pants. Actually, the last one isn’t  a thing, unless somehow 90-degree weather makes you so uncomfortable you have to “let it go” in a moment of panic.

It’s also hard to imagine how you can walk around after the fact without having noticed that something might be a little different than usual in your pants region. And speaking of walking around, it doesn’t look like the physical action would be an easy feat for either one of these folks. We guess the Herculean effort required to heave themselves through the store is worth it for the sodas and boxes of pizza rolls they’ll gain.