The Truths This New Electoral Data Reveals About American Will Shock You

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Pollster Nate Silver is a controversial figure in American politics. Some people swear by his methods and others say that he gathers skewed data to craft a narrative. With a long list of both successes and failures, the results of this election could make him a hero or a has-been. However, these new maps of different demographic breakdowns he’s released are not likely to make him any less controversial!

Recently, news about a demographic split when it comes to supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump made headlines. According to the Public Region Research Institute, Trump has an 11 percentage point lead among men while Clinton has a massive 33 percentage point lead among women.

Essentially, if only men voted, Donald Trump would win the election. On the other hand, if only women voted, Hillary Clinton would win. This recent revelation has spurred a new “What the Electoral Map Would Look Like If…” trend on Twitter.

Now that there is less than a month until election day, political analysts are busy trying to predict how everyone will vote in the 2016 presidential election. Of course, these political analysts pore over a significant amount of data to make their predictions. However, this hasn’t stopped Twitter users from making predictions of their own.

Here are a few of the best:

  • “Here’s what the electoral map would look like if a super villain flooded the entire East coast and then flooded some other states with lava.”
  • “Here’s what the electoral map would look like if only rectangular states could vote.”
  • “Here’s what the electoral map would look like if we had the parliamentary system.”
  • “Here’s what the election would look like if only fresh produce could vote.”