Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Split

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris
Source: Huffington Post

Fans of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris alike are shocked that the couple has split up after a 15-month romance, according to  Chron.

The two had met via a mutual pal, Ellie Goulding, and wasted no time striking up a romance with each other. For their first date, Calvin gave Taylor a gold locket. Calvin had “3.6 2015,” engraved on the gold locket’s front. The Scottish DJ and the pop superstar took a jet to a romantic vacation this March to celebrate their first — and perhaps their last — anniversary together.

According to a number of sources, the two have since parted ways. One source insisted that there was no drama involved between the two during the breakup.

This surprising news comes only days after sources reported that Taylor was looking after Calvin as he recovered from his injuries. The dance star had gotten into a traffic accident in Beverly Hills, California while heading to the airport to fly to Las Vegas.

After the accident, which occurred on May 20, Calvin was forced to cancel four gigs in order to recover. However, Calvin is back on social media and has told fans that he has since visited the United Kingdom.

So far, neither Taylor nor Calvin has commented on the validity of this news. However, they have been open with the press in the past about the love they have for each other. For example, at the Coachella festival in California in April, Calvin talked about how much he loved having bubbly Taylor by his side.