10 Neatly Organized Objects That Will Ease Your OCD

Perfectly Shaped Colored Pencils
Source: comune.sirmione.brescia

Any perfectionist knows what it’s like to see something that’s off and needs to be fixed. People in the world get immense pleasure when they see things organized neatly and help to stave off the chaos of the rest of the world.

In reality, we all have a mental predisposition to want to have things neatly organized and put in order.

These oddly satisfying pictures will help suppress your OCD.

1. Burger Ingredients Cut Up into Perfect Circles

Burger Ingredients Cut Up into Perfect Circles
Source: Instagram

The deconstructed burger.

There is a hashtag called #thingsorganizedneatly on Instagram. If you follow it, it will reveal a plethora of different images neatly arranged to pacify the burning rage of OCD.

This is a deconstructed burger, broken down into it’s main components. The buns, lettus, tomato, ketchup, onions, cheese, bacon, and the meat patty. But these were made into perfect circles.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder symptoms include perfectionism.

2. Perfectly Lined Up Aisle Of Soda

Perfectly Lined Up Soda Aisle
Source: hongkiat

Clean up on aisle 12.

What happens when a stocker who clearly has an OCD is asked to fill up the soda rack? Perfection.

Not a thing seems out of place. If you’re truly suffering from OCD anything that’s out of place here could cause anxiety.

3. Foods Cut Into Perfect Squares

Perfectly Lined Up Soda Aisle
Source: bonappetit

How do you get 98 different foods into perfect squares?

You ask Lernet & Sanders to do it for you. Made for a documentary called Food, they transformed unprocessed food into perfect cubes of 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm.

Most people with OCD describe their behavior and performance a “must” and their need to adhere to a rule or standard gets in the way of them being able to complete other tasks.

4. Spices Organized By Color

Spices Organized By Color
Source: Tumblr

Photographers are perfectionists.

Emily Blincoe is an Austin native who knows the feeling. Photographing different foods, spices, and things gradually shifting from one color to the other.

Perfectionists want to do everything well, which makes it difficult for them to prioritize their tasks. Even when they completely something they have a difficulty moving onto tasks because of their obsession with making sure everything in perfect.

5. Vegetables Organized Perfectly On Stand

Vegetables Organized Perfectly On Stand
Source: zheltaya

Another underappreciated employee.

Whole Foods hires the best stockers in the grocery world! For Whole Foods this is a good thing, but if he stays there long enough, with people constantly changing everything around and putting things out of place, it would become a nightmare.

Mistakes are catastrophic for people with OCD. They go through great lengths to make sure there aren’t any errors or mistakes. They also tend to overestimate the consequences of small mistakes.

6. Organized Candy At Wal-Mart

Organized Candy at Wal-Mart
Source: Pinterest

Only the biggest OCD freaks will notice he didn’t make it perfect.

He doesn’t even work there, but he had to take the time to organize neatly the Thin Mints from the Nerds and Gobstoppers.

You know 10 minutes later a little annoying kid on a leash jumped in there and ruined it.

People with OCD repeat tasks, edit, review and repeat compulsively. They also think it is unacceptable for others to see anything beyond their final product. Rough drafts or works in progress are never allowed to be seen.

7. Strangely Satisfying Sink

Sink Water Goes Straight Through Hole
Source: Reddit

It’s so beautiful.

It would be even better if it went straight through the middle, but there’s a screw in there.

So screw the screw for ruining perfection.

8. Snow Sliding Off Slide

Snow Falling Off Sled
Source: pikabu

Have you ever seen folded snow?

It’s even more beautiful than you’d imagine.

If this doesn’t satisfy your OCD, then nothing will.

9. Perfectly Organized Pipe System

Perfect Pipe System
Source: Reddit

Rigid architecture.

These are actually different gas lines going through various parts of the building.

10. Snake Following Order Of Things

Snake Following Lines
Source: dongcam

Garden snake following the cracks.

If you’re ever chased by a snake, maybe you can use this knowledge to your advantage.