The Best Funny News Bloopers That Have Ever Happened On Live TV

Admiring The View? Source: internetara How can you judge her? News reporters have needs too. She definitely has the best view in the house; next to the cameraman. She definitely has one of the best jobs in the country. The bloopers only get better from here. Enjoy!

10 Hottest Female Star Wars Cosplays

Source: i-am-bored The 1977 blockbuster hit has inspired fans for generations to love the depths of space. George Lucas may not have seen how much a galaxy far, far away would have such a big following of women. With the new movie in theaters we wanted to show you how hardcore some of these Star Wars […]

20 Worst Tourist Photos

Just when you thought some of your vacation pictures were bad, take a look at these! They’ll make you feel better. Source: spotatourist This meme is so perfectly hilarious! Have they never seen a squirrel before? It’s not that shocking people! They’re everywhere here!

17 iPhone Apps That Are Just Downright Weird

An ode to the most eccentric, outrageous, sometimes creepy apps around the world. With over a million mobile apps now available in the app store, app developers should be proud of their noble contribution to the global tech community. Their apps have made a noticeable difference in the lives of users –increasing or severely decreasing […]

10 Evil Children Caught On Baby Monitors

Parents who have baby monitors use it to make sure that their babies are safe. It helps them finish up that load of laundry or finish clean the dishes, or just be able to relax for a few minutes. You finish whatever you were doing downstairs and you check up on your sleeping baby to see if everything is ok, and you are scared half to death when you look at the monitor. Babies may be cute and adorable by day, but at night, these cameras are able to catch how creepy that kid is when the lights are out.

The Hottest WAGs Of European Football

Source: BlogSpot Everybody talks about Gisele Bundchen as one of the hottest WAGs in football but that’s only if you don’t follow European football. Some of Europe’s best soccer players are dating and married to very hot women from all over the world. Many of these women make just as much money as their spouses, raise […]