15 Hairstyles That Will Make You Laugh and Cry!

Have you ever had a bad hair day gone bad? Well, these folks definitely have. What’s weirder is that they all seem to do it on purpose. But hey, I don’t mind looking at crazy people’s hair styles. So be yourselves crazy people! Just know we are all looking at your hair and thinking dang, that person […]

21 Cats Who Are Not Amused!

Cats are notorious for their sullen, grumpy behavior. They don’t want you to pet or touch them but they’ll sit on your head while your trying to fall asleep. Why do they act in this nature? I have no idea. But you know what I do know? That it is hilarious. Source: beanscdn  The snaggle-tooth […]

15 Times Bacon Lovers Took It Too Far

Here are 15 crazy bacon items someone actually thought were a good idea. Bacon is amazing, but these products walk the line between bad and disturbing. Bacon Frosting   Source: Dailymail What’s better than bacon on your cake?

30 Celebrity Real Names Revealed

Celebrities aren’t allowed to have the same name in Hollywood. So in order to further their career and become a star, some celebs reinvent themselves and their names to become more likeable and relatable.

The Best Funny News Bloopers That Have Ever Happened On Live TV

Admiring The View? Source: internetara How can you judge her? News reporters have needs too. She definitely has the best view in the house; next to the cameraman. She definitely has one of the best jobs in the country. The bloopers only get better from here. Enjoy!

10 Hottest Female Star Wars Cosplays

Source: i-am-bored The 1977 blockbuster hit has inspired fans for generations to love the depths of space. George Lucas may not have seen how much a galaxy far, far away would have such a big following of women. With the new movie in theaters we wanted to show you how hardcore some of these Star Wars […]