The 17 Dumbest People on Facebook

“Two things are infinite: The universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”-Einstein Yup, we are all a little bit stupid on the inside but these people represent human stupidity at its finest! So be prepared to have you mind blown by human stupidity. Source: funcage  What an idiot…

The Worst Pickup Lines You’ve Ever Heard

Source: sodahead Those first few words you say to someone you’re attracted to are always a little awkward, but these guys took the idea of a pickup line well beyond awkward. These guys are lucky if they made it through trying these pickup lines without a slap to the face or a call to the […]

19 Reasons Dan Bilzerian Lives Every Mans Dream Life

Dan Bilzerian is the greatest playboy of modern times. The professional poker player turned actor turned “Mr. I Do What I Want” seems to have a life straight out of a super, unrealistically envious movie roll. Seriously, he’s pretty much real life Iron Man or Bruce Wayne; except for he doesn’t really help anyone, except for […]

15 Awesome Perfectly Timed Pictures!

Don’t you love those moments where it is as if things are meant to be. It’s like the universe is willing it to happen. Well, here are 15 of those moments caught on camera. Source: vitamin-ha You can’t do that in public, Grandpa!

15 Hairstyles That Will Make You Laugh and Cry!

Have you ever had a bad hair day gone bad? Well, these folks definitely have. What’s weirder is that they all seem to do it on purpose. But hey, I don’t mind looking at crazy people’s hair styles. So be yourselves crazy people! Just know we are all looking at your hair and thinking dang, that person […]

21 Cats Who Are Not Amused!

Cats are notorious for their sullen, grumpy behavior. They don’t want you to pet or touch them but they’ll sit on your head while your trying to fall asleep. Why do they act in this nature? I have no idea. But you know what I do know? That it is hilarious. Source: beanscdn  The snaggle-tooth […]

15 Times Bacon Lovers Took It Too Far

Here are 15 crazy bacon items someone actually thought were a good idea. Bacon is amazing, but these products walk the line between bad and disturbing. Bacon Frosting   Source: Dailymail What’s better than bacon on your cake?

30 Celebrity Real Names Revealed

Celebrities aren’t allowed to have the same name in Hollywood. So in order to further their career and become a star, some celebs reinvent themselves and their names to become more likeable and relatable.