Claudia Alende Is The Ultimate Brazilian Megan Fox Lookalike

Claudia Alende is a 20-year-old Brazilian model who bares a striking resemblance to Megan Fox. But unlike her celebrity doppelganger, she claims to be all-natural. She has over 1.2 million followers on her Instagram account and sadly, is married with two kids to Brian Austin Green.

17 Bad Hair Day Mugshots

We all love outrageous mugshot pictures. I mean, we’re only human. And mugshots of criminals with ridiculous hair they’re better than all the rest! Don’t believe me? Just see for yourself, it’s hilarious. Source: the smoking gun Woah, what is going on here? Has Pippi Longstocking become gangster all of a sudden?

17 Ridiculous People Competing for the Best Dressed Mug Shot Award

Here’s a wonderful collection of people who were dressed to the nines ready for a great night on the town, but things took a turn for the worse. When they slipped into their dresses and cinched up their ties they had no idea they’d look so good in their mugshots. Who would have thought that […]

14 Insane Internet Catfishing Stories!

Have you ever heard of internet catfishing? It’s when someone makes a fake profile online and tricks people into thinking they are another person. MTV ended up making a whole show about it. And here are the craziest of the crazy catfishing stories! Jazmine and Mike Source: remotecontrol Jazmine fell in love with Mike over […]

Beauties And Their Little Beasts (Double The Cuteness)

Yoga Chillen’ Source: ekabu Here we have a very good lookin’ Great Dane with some sick spot patterns on its fur. He seems to be loyally watching over his owner while she nonchalantly practices some ridiculously difficult yoga poses.

13 Flawless Tinder Conversations

Online dating has become huge these past few years. The most entertaining of these dating websites is widely agreed upon as tinder. People have little to no shame on this dating app because it’s so casual.This leads to some pretty entertaining conversations, and here are our favorites.

International Cheerleaders Have Fans Skipping Their Halftime Beer Runs

Source: desporter All sports fans enjoy the cheerleader aspect of going to sporting events. Most are pretty familiar with their halftime shows, touchdown celebration routines, and especially their game attire. Nobody wants to be at a freezing cold and rainy game that could be postponed or even cancelled. But the worst effect that the winter weather has is […]

12 Meals So Unhealthy They Will Take Years Off Your Life

Source: docakilah There are so many unhealthy foods to eat in the market today, literally thousands. These foods are unhealthy due to the way the foods are grown, manufactured, packaged and prepared in the home. We can list the 13 unhealthiest meals in America, but if these meals were broken down the contents themselves would […]