Beauties And Their Little Beasts (Double The Cuteness)

Yoga Chillen’ Source: ekabu Here we have a very good lookin’ Great Dane with some sick spot patterns on its fur. He seems to be loyally watching over his owner while she nonchalantly practices some ridiculously difficult yoga poses.

13 Flawless Tinder Conversations

Online dating has become huge these past few years. The most entertaining of these dating websites is widely agreed upon as tinder. People have little to no shame on this dating app because it’s so casual.This leads to some pretty entertaining conversations, and here are our favorites.

International Cheerleaders Have Fans Skipping Their Halftime Beer Runs

Source: desporter All sports fans enjoy the cheerleader aspect of going to sporting events. Most are pretty familiar with their halftime shows, touchdown celebration routines, and especially their game attire. Nobody wants to be at a freezing cold and rainy game that could be postponed or even cancelled. But the worst effect that the winter weather has is […]

12 Meals So Unhealthy They Will Take Years Off Your Life

Source: docakilah There are so many unhealthy foods to eat in the market today, literally thousands. These foods are unhealthy due to the way the foods are grown, manufactured, packaged and prepared in the home. We can list the 13 unhealthiest meals in America, but if these meals were broken down the contents themselves would […]

The 17 Dumbest People on Facebook

“Two things are infinite: The universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”-Einstein Yup, we are all a little bit stupid on the inside but these people represent human stupidity at its finest! So be prepared to have you mind blown by human stupidity. Source: funcage  What an idiot…

The Worst Pickup Lines You’ve Ever Heard

Source: sodahead Those first few words you say to someone you’re attracted to are always a little awkward, but these guys took the idea of a pickup line well beyond awkward. These guys are lucky if they made it through trying these pickup lines without a slap to the face or a call to the […]

19 Reasons Dan Bilzerian Lives Every Mans Dream Life

Dan Bilzerian is the greatest playboy of modern times. The professional poker player turned actor turned “Mr. I Do What I Want” seems to have a life straight out of a super, unrealistically envious movie roll. Seriously, he’s pretty much real life Iron Man or Bruce Wayne; except for he doesn’t really help anyone, except for […]

15 Awesome Perfectly Timed Pictures!

Don’t you love those moments where it is as if things are meant to be. It’s like the universe is willing it to happen. Well, here are 15 of those moments caught on camera. Source: vitamin-ha You can’t do that in public, Grandpa!