The 15 Most Extreme Bodybuilders Of All Time

14. Markus Ruhl


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In the world of bodybuilding, the name Markus Ruhl is synonymous with shoulders.

When this German athlete first started lifting weights at the age of 18, he weighed only 120 pounds. With the help of six gym days a week and steroids, he was ready for bodybuilding competitions by the age of 23. He supposedly now weighs closer to 337 pounds and is known for having some of the biggest shoulders in the world.

Now 44, Ruhl has famously used other enhancers like the human growth hormone (HGH) and insulin to pack muscle onto his 5’10” frame. He has placed in the Mr. Olympia competition seven times and has also done well in several other competitions.

He also has a protruding stomach, or “turtle belly” thanks to his many years of steroid use, which have also increased the size of his internal organs. Yikes.