Just When You Thought Pizza Couldn’t Get Any Better…

Source: Pixabay

Almost everyone enjoys pizza, even this country’s cartoon characters. With everything from plain cheese pizza with tomato sauce to numerous toppings ranging from pepperoni to anchovies and everything in between, there isn’t a person out there that can’t find enjoy this time-tested dish.

In fact, pizza can even be used to stop fights. A recent video surfaced showing two individuals exiting a car that is parallel parked on the side of the road. For some reason, they instantly start fighting. This isn’t just some benign shoving match, either. This is an all out brawl.

Source: Imgur

One guy tackles the other to the ground as bystanders watch in simultaneous fear and amusement. Before any serious injuries result, one very generous human being approaches the dangerous scene holding a pie of pizza in one hand. Deep down, he must have been concerned that he would lose his precious pizza that was balancing like a delicate piece of china on top of a single palm.

Source: Imgur

Unbelievably, the two brawling individuals stop in their tracks in sheer amazement that a pizza is staring them in the face. The three people stop and enjoy their delicious pie together, the fight now in the rearview mirror. While nobody would recommend trying to stop a dangerous fight with a pizza, this goes to show that pizza has some amazing superpowers that are underappreciated.

The next time someone appears angry for whatever reason, try offering a free pizza. This is guaranteed to change the tone of the conversation, hopefully for the better.