Good News For Taco Bell Fans Everywhere

Image for Taco Bell one pager
Source: Steven DePolo via Wikimedia Commons

Although many people consider Taco Bell a good choice for cheap “Mexican” food, most people also know that Taco Bell has a questionable reputation. Their food has generated some controversy in recent years for stories as Salmonella outbreaks and using beef that might not have actually been beef. Now even their signage is getting attention.

A local Taco Bell recently posted a message on their restaurant sign that read “free straw with drink purchase.” While this sign has turned some heads, it is reasonable to infer that this Taco Bell used to force its customers to pay for straws. This sign is good news for Taco Bell customers everywhere who used to pay for straws.

While restaurants have gotten in hot water for forcing customers to pay for plastic cups, refills, or extra condiments, forcing customers to pay for straws was a little over the top. After all, these plastic drinking aids cannot cost any more than a few dollars at a local big box store for several hundred of these straws. Giving these straws away for free makes sense.

In fact, giving away free straws is only the latest in the Taco Bell giveaway spree. As recently as the NBA Playoffs, Taco Bell was giving away free Dorito Locos Tacos. While this is a nice touch, Taco Bell was still presumably forcing customers to pay for straws during this giveaway. Free tacos and paid straws is an odd business strategy.