Could Your Smart TV Be Spying On You?

Could Your Smart TV Be Spying On You
Source: The Daily Beast

Your Smart TV makes it easy to watch your favorite shows on demand. Unfortunately, it may also destroy what little privacy you have left in today’s digital world.

Recently, Vizio paid the FTC $2.2 million for a spying scandal. Vizio tracked viewing habits and sold information to advertisers without viewers’ consent. Vizio’s tracking protocol wasn’t illegal — they just failed to inform consumers.

Vizio isn’t the only Smart TV platform guilty of carefully monitoring viewers. From Samsung to LG, every popular brand does it — but require viewers to provide explicit consent first.

Samsung landed in hot water when a report showed its voice recognition system recorded users conversations and shared the information with advertisers.

It is a scary time for anybody who values privacy, but here are steps you can take to avoid being snooped on in your home. The first is to disconnect your TV from the internet. Opt out of any offered data collection functions and turn interactivity off in the TV’s menu. If you own older LG webOS, consider investing in a newer model that doesn’t actively collect data.

We are facing a real age of Big Brother; constant vigilance is essential. Think carefully before signing on the dotted line, because something as simple as watching a favorite program on TV could compromise your privacy and security.