17 Bad Hair Day Mugshots

We all love outrageous mugshot pictures. I mean, we’re only human. And mugshots of criminals with ridiculous hair they’re better than all the rest! Don’t believe me? Just see for yourself, it’s hilarious. Source: the smoking gun Woah, what is going on here? Has Pippi Longstocking become gangster all of a sudden?

The 17 Dumbest People on Facebook

“Two things are infinite: The universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”-Einstein Yup, we are all a little bit stupid on the inside but these people represent human stupidity at its finest! So be prepared to have you mind blown by human stupidity. Source: funcage ¬†What an idiot…

The Worst Pickup Lines You’ve Ever Heard

Source: sodahead Those first few words you say to someone you’re attracted to are always a little awkward, but these guys took the idea of a pickup line well beyond awkward. These guys are lucky if they made it through trying these pickup lines without a slap to the face or a call to the […]

20 Worst Tourist Photos

Just when you thought some of your vacation pictures were bad, take a look at these! They’ll make you feel better. Source: spotatourist This meme is so perfectly hilarious! Have they never seen a squirrel before? It’s not that shocking people! They’re everywhere here!