12 Celebrities That Are Losing Their Battle With Father Time

Clothes don’t fit the way they used to, things start sagging, and instead of being one of the most sought after Hollywood stars, you notice people see you differently. Here are some of the worst transformations of celebrities past their hay day.

The 14 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Diamonds may be forever, but they can be pawned or stolen. Tattoos, on the other hand, never go away. Even if you wish they would. And bad tattoos never go out of style. Even if you wish they would. Before deciding on whether you really want that permanent ink on (or in) your body for […]

How About A Big No Thank You

Whenever you find someone uttering the phrase, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” swiftly slap them. Seriously. You may have just saved a life.

The Dumbest Fitness Gadgets Ever Made

We always say we’ll never get suckered into buying any of these products, but sometimes we make bad buying decisions when we’re drunk. The people who made these products and the backers must’ve been really drunk to actually make them.

Horribly Awkward Prom Photos

There’s No Going Back Source: lastlaughgroup Prom has changed so much over the years… what happened? Well there’s a few theories, but one thing is for certain: the change has resulted in some interesting and hilarious photos for our collection. Enjoy!