Amazing Sushi Art! (19 Photos)

Sushi art! Yeah, it exists and it’s fricken awesome! I have no idea how they roll up all that awesomeness into 8 pieces of sushi but somehow it happens. So here is the best of the best sushi art. Enjoy! Source: wherecoolthingshappen Obama sushi art! It’s beautiful…

13 Horrifying Black Friday Stories That Will Make You Loose Faith In America

We’ve all heard a few of these crazy Black Friday stories. They sound unbelievable, right? But it’s true! People will do disgusting things for a sale. And here are the worst of the worst. Stories that will truly make you question your faith in America itself. Source: pegasusnews There was the time that two old […]

Top 10 Highest-Paying Illegal Jobs in the World

The old saying is “crime doesn’t pay,” may not necessarily be true. For many people all over globe a life of criminal activity does actually pay, sometimes very well. Here are the ten highest paying illegal jobs in the world. Organized Crime Hacking Source: blogspot Digital crimes such as hacking can have quite a nice […]

14 Insane Internet Catfishing Stories!

Have you ever heard of internet catfishing? It’s when someone makes a fake profile online and tricks people into thinking they are another person. MTV ended up making a whole show about it. And here are the craziest of the crazy catfishing stories! Jazmine and Mike Source: remotecontrol Jazmine fell in love with Mike over […]

12 Meals So Unhealthy They Will Take Years Off Your Life

Source: docakilah There are so many unhealthy foods to eat in the market today, literally thousands. These foods are unhealthy due to the way the foods are grown, manufactured, packaged and prepared in the home. We can list the 13 unhealthiest meals in America, but if these meals were broken down the contents themselves would […]

10 Evil Children Caught On Baby Monitors

Parents who have baby monitors use it to make sure that their babies are safe. It helps them finish up that load of laundry or finish clean the dishes, or just be able to relax for a few minutes. You finish whatever you were doing downstairs and you check up on your sleeping baby to see if everything is ok, and you are scared half to death when you look at the monitor. Babies may be cute and adorable by day, but at night, these cameras are able to catch how creepy that kid is when the lights are out.