20+ Incredible And Disturbing China Images They Don’t Want The World To See

2. Rowing through the algae pollution

Source: Reddit

Fishermen rowed their boat through an algae-filled lake.

It may look like a masterpiece of Van Gogh but according to Avax News, it is actually real-life fishermen rowing their boat in the algae-filled Chaohu Lake in Hefei, Anhui Province on June 19, 2009. Water pollution in China is a no-shocker. China’s water supplies have gotten so degraded, especially since half of its rivers and lakes are extremely filthy and polluted. China has already invested about $7.4 billion for the construction of the water treatments for the country’s eight rivers, which include the Chaohu Lake. China’s goal is to provide about $850 billion to improve the water supplies in the country and another $170 billion for environmental protection in the next five years, which experts believe may do little to reverse the damage done by decades of pollution and overuse.